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Routes to Sight Reading - Ebook 1

Guitar Sight Reading Ebook.

Starting at total beginner stage, this ebook takes you on a musical journey.

You'll be guided on a route where you'll learn the notes on the guitar very gradually; progressing string by string. This way your musical journey should never be daunting and you should never lose your way.

By the end of the journey you'll be able to read the notes on the first few frets of all six strings, and you'll be familiar with most common musical rhythms and note timings. In other words, you'll be well on the road to becoming a fluent sight reader on guitar.

Price only £8.99 

Routes to Sight Reading - Ebook 2

Guitar Sight Reading Ebook

This ebook covers sight reading in six of the most popular keys and the first eight frets of the fingerboard. It is uniquely designed so that it can be used effectively by either electric, acoustic or classical guitar players.

It leads on from the best-selling Book One in this series, by explaining how to read more advanced rhythms, such as syncopation, triplets, 16th notes and ties.

Using this book will not only improve your guitar sight reading skills, it will also help you expand your knowledge of the fingerboard.

Price only £8.99 

Routes to Sight Reading - Ebook 3

Guitar Sight Reading Ebook

The final ebook in this sight reading series covers more complex rhythms and keys, as well as focusing on the higher ranges of the fingerboard. Suitable for electric, acoustic or classical guitar players.

Price only £12.99 


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