RGT@LCM Rock Guitar Grades – Audio Tracks

Step 1 and Step 2 (Initial and Preliminary) books each have a set of free to download audio tracks - these were supplied with earlier editions of the books on CD. Just click on the title and the file will download automatically.

Step 1 (Initial)

Step 2 (Preliminary


Supplementary Material

Here you can download the audio tracks that accompany the RGT@LCM series of Rock Guitar Playing grade handbooks.

For most grades, two sets of downloads are available:

  • Improvisation Backing Tracks:  the download package for each grade includes at least FIVE professionally-recorded backing tracks for you to practise your lead and rhythm guitar to.
    £2.70 for each complete grade Improvisation package.

  • Aural Tests: the download package for each grade includes between 7 & 11 sample aural tests for you to practise with.
    £1.47 for each complete grade Aural Tests package.

PLEASE NOTE: These are audio downloads only, and are intended for use with the appropriate RGT@LCM Rock Guitar Playing Grade Handbook. The handbooks themselves are available from the LCM Music Shop.

 Rock Guitar
  Pr. G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8

Improvisation Backing Tracks  

Aural Tracks

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All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate.

RGT@LCM multi-use licenses

The licenses entitle the guitar teacher to supply copies of the download packages, providing the combined total of all copies does not exceed either 10 or 30 lessons depending on the licence chosen. Choose a licence


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